Window and door systems

We have lots of aluminium products in our offer, so if you are dubious about our windows or doors we ask you to contact our specialists: and We also invite you to have tutorship in our sales offices and in our factory.


Window and door systems:


MB-45 i MB-45S are aluminium systems without heat isolation, but we can bend profiles. You can use these systems in vestibules, swinging doors, cash boxes and in glass walls.

MB-45 OFFICE has additional asset which is safety glass.

MB-59S now we enter into systems which has heat isolation. It has an acoustic isolation as well. We can reach U>2,73W/m2 coefficient of heat penetration.

MB-59S HI is characterized with higher heat isolation than MB-59S

MB-59SE is economical version of MB-59S system. It describe oneself with U>2,8W/m2coefficient of heat penetration.

MB-59S Casement we can fulfil it in mullion and transom wall.

MB-59S Casement HI has higher heat isolation than MB-59S Casement.

MB-59S PIVOT is based on MB-59S window system. Window with vertical axis of rotation. It has using in rotation doors.

MB-60 is characterized with high heat isolation, we can do anti-burglar construction with U>1,8W/m2coefficient of heat penetration. We can connect this system with MB-45, MB-59S and MB-70 systems. Thanks to common glazing bead, corners, locks and ferrules.

MB-60 HI has increased heat isolation in regard to MB-60. We can reach U>1,4W/m2.

MB-60 PIVOT is the same system as MB-60 but it is used to do rotating doors.

MB-60SE is economical version of MB-60 system.

MB-70 has low coefficient of heat penetration which is on U>1,5W/m2level.

MB-70HI is MB-70 version with higher heat isolation reaching U>1,0W/m2

MB-70US is version of MB-70 system with hidden flank.

MB-70CW is system which is characterized with very good heat isolation U>1,49W/m2. We can use glass from 0.035in to 0.18in thickness.

MB-86 Panel Doors it is the best quality, ornate, external doors with unusual coefficient of heat penetration. It is reaching U>0.66W/m2. This doors are for the most demanding customers, who want first of all quality and aesthetic product.

MB-86 Windows are windows with high heat isolation with huge size. We can reach U>0,57W/m2. The max. Flank size is 67x110in with 150kg of weight.

MB-86 Doors are doors with high heat isolation with also huge size as same as windows. U>1,2W/m2

MB-104 Passive is system which is characterized with U>0,53W/m2 coefficient of heat penetration. Max size is 66.9in x 114in and 160kg of weigh and it also has 0.32in thickness glass.