Softline 82

VEKA Softline82 MD is an innovative and solid windows system, which main feature is perfect connection of heat and acoustics isolation. Into the bargain Softline82 is the warmest solution in PCV windows. 7-chambers frame, 0.3in frame thickness and triple gasket system guarantee unique heat isolation and very low coefficient of heat penetration.

Gently scratched shapes allow to produce lower construction height and thanks to this fact it is possible to get more light in room. Perfectly smooth surfaces made from plastic are completely proof to whether agents. They need no again painting and they do not get older.

Special strengthen construction of flank guarantee safety.  Three gaskets system – external, central and internal – will excellently isolate noise, humidity, cold and draught.

It is unusual product in every respect, its functionality and excellent design composed brilliant unity.

Technical data:

·         0.3in profile thickness

·         7-chambers frame

·         Highest standard of quality RAL, A class (PN-EN 12608)

·         Coefficient of heat penetration „U” can reach even U>0.7 W/m2

·         Triple glass system

·         Triple gaskets system