Roller shutters, roller blinds and accessories.

You can find a lot of accessories in our offer. We sell our products in low prices with happiness guarantee. Let’s begin with roller shutters, integrated roller shutters, built in roller shutters, roller-blinds and awnings or even mosquito nets. You can easily see our patterns in our sales offices located in Lubin at Sikorskiego 1 street and also in Polkowice at Baczyńskiego 14 street. We invite you to ask us for valuation. We do it in express time and we have an individual valuation for every customer.

As if all that were not enough we also invite you to our factory located in Wrocław at Skrżyńskiego 26 street. You can also see all our patterns in here.

Our specialists do valuations of our traditional roller-blinds, day and night roller-blinds, roller shutters and everything else we have in our offer. You can find them with e-mail address: – for customers in Poznań, who want to order service of free measurement on Great Poland voivodeship.

Trust us today! We have been with you for seventeen years. We are going to make the best product for you, which will serve you for ages!