Windows, and do not cheat ourselves, is one of the most important elements in our homes. It is not important where we live; in house, palace, big property or in a flat. Everybody needs windows which are produced with individual preferences. On the one hand we expect aesthetic for our windows, and on the other hand we require safety and durability. Maj-bud company has been delivering windows and doors since 1999. We deliver product to our customers strict to their desire. We work with meeting users expectations; we began with „normal” classic PCV windows and now we can produce almost everything you want. We will take on every, even the hardest challenge, no matter how difficult it will be.


In our offer you can find windows made with using VEKA’s and GEALAN’s profiles. VEKA Softline82 is the warmest solution in windows, and is also located in A window class. VEKA Perfectline is also in A window class but it is universal system for each architectonic constructions. Gealan S8000IQ is also universal system but it is located in B window class.


Windows from Maj-bud company connect main details. We try to connect extraordinary design with advanced technologies. Innovative solutions help us creating products, which save its properties and looks for years.

We propose you anti-burglary glass to our windows. We also propose you ornament and muntin bars windows. It is our dream, that everyone could have freedom with choosing your desired product. So we placed lot of components in our offer. You can easily pick something you really want.

Furthermore, every window you can equip with ventilators, anti-theft ferrule and roller shutter, roller-blinds & accessories.


We don’t want to be unfounded, so we give you guarantee for 5 years! FOR 5 YEARS! We also have an authorised producer certificate which we got from VEKA.



How to buy?


Every window – as we already said – is individual choice of every customer. So we treat everyone as an individual. Our professionals will do valuation especially for you. Contact us today and ask us for valuation. Text to us: ania@majbud.eu & emilia@majbud.eu – simply text us your specification and we will respond to you as soon as possible. 

We also invite you to page „contact us” where you can easily find phone numbers, and where our sales offices are located. You can go to them and ask our employees for valuation when you will be in our office. We guarantee nice and professional service.