Measurement & assembly

From early beginning, when we want to order some windows or doors, we must do a right measurement. This is the basis of proper montage of our windows, doors, facades, roller-blinds and everthing else we have in our offer. We cannot stand with wrong optimization of our products to your needs. So we propose our customers free measurement with which we could do a favourable offer for both sides. In that way we will have – our company and our customers – certainty that even the smalest detail is fitted to your desire.


Another very important factor, which affects right useing our products, is assembly. Even perfectly done element will not fulfill its functions when it will be wrong installed. We know that you want very good product which you will be happy with for long years. We understand this and we offer you an assembly in attractive price. Our assemblers have been working in this business from many years. We constantly improve their skills by workshops. We control their working in order to have montage on the highest level. We desire you will be proud of our work and you will smile to your brand new products from us.