Maj-bud List#1


5 things about aluminium windows, which are worth to know.

This is the third time when we publish our Maj-bud list. Today we are going to show you that also aluminium products can be very interesting.

1.      Colours of aluminium frames are define by RAL palette.

It means that there is no boundary line between standard and non-standard colours. Every customer have right to choose what he or she wants.

2.      We can produce the warmest window from aluminium frames

MB-104 Passive system allows us to make the warmest window. The U coefficient of heat penetration is on >0.53W/m2 level.

3.      The most advanced door system is panel doors base on MB-86 system.

We wrote an article about panel doors. So if you are dubious about this we invite you here. You can read there more about panel doors.

4.      We can reach high fire-protection rate with aluminium doors.

MB-118EI system has EI120 fire-protection certificate.

5.      Aluminium in modern architecture.

Up-to-date developers use lot of aluminium products compared with old ones. We think about external doors in block of flats. In modern architecture, in modern blocks developers use fire-protection aluminium doors.