Long story


Today we have window history for you!:

The oldest condition, we know, was a little whole in the wall. With the passing of time people started to cover this whole with leather. In those times windows had two functions: firstly they had to give more light and secondly to give more air.


In the range of Mediterranean Sea, in the greatest age – in antique – the warm climate was good to have open windows. In times when our civilization was started, people started to use timber windows. They had to assure safety. The richest could use shutters made from marble slab.


Gothic style widows had geometrical patterns made from stone.


In times of great artists: Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelo and more… this times had one special thing for windows. In Renaissance people started to make window glass. This windows was very expensive, so that only the richest could afford them.


In the next centuries there were small, worse or better changes but from renaissance windows are nearly the same. Only 20th century brought us lot of new technologies. Now companies produce windows from wood, aluminium and PCV. The last windows are the best-selling. Thanks to them not only the richest renaissance lord can afford them, but all people.


Contemporary window must not only enlighten room, not only give more air, not only be an estate indicator, but first of all it has to protect home from heat lose, guarantee safety and protect from noise. Those factors must be available for all human beings.

We dream about everyone have access to choose what they want to buy.