Our mission...

To provide the high quality products for thousands of customers, that everybody will be glad about their purchases. We do not sell windows... We sell human dreams. 

We produce for you in order that you will look at the World through our perspective. 



In 1999 we started our business and we called it Maj-bud. We dealt with trade and assembly windows and doors those days. But this was not what we desired at all. We wanted to have more comprehensive offer and we started improving our workers’ abilities. We had only one sales office, which is located to this day in Polkowice. You know… We had – and we have till this day – an idea of having company which will provide window frames to thousands of clients. And after only thirteen years, in 2012, we had opened our own factory. The factory is located in Wrocław at Skrażyńskiego 26 street. Since 2013 we have been certified producer of aluminium frames. We cooperate with Aluprof company which supply us with aluminium profiles.



Really breakthrough has started in 2015, when we bought CNC machine to work on these aluminium profiles. It let us not to waste time and improved quality of our aluminium products.

In 2016 we opened opened new website: and sign in to social networking sites at Facebook and Instagram. We strive for having favourable offer for new private customers and big development companies.

Our aims are:

·         Expansion of our company

·         Improving abilities

·         Endless progress

·         Expansion of our offer

·         Gaining new customers