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Maj-bud company provides service for individual clients and also big companies. Our assets are passion and perfection. We have qualify experts team, who are continually attend our company improvement. From many years, we have gone about selling and assembling doors, windows and accessories. In our offer there are external doors, internal doors, PCV windows and also aluminium windows, facades, showcases and, of course fire-protection doors. You can find in our offer: roller shutters, roller-blinds, roller doors, anti-burglar systems too.

Our offer is directed to development companies, architectonic offices, architects and also to individual clients. We provide not only value, but values. Our products are aesthetic and functional. Our company outstands with comprehensiveness, promptness, modern design and experience.

We declare long time exploitation of our products. We do not want to be unreliable, so we give you 5 year guarantee time! Yes, exactly, five year guarantee time!


Our factory is waiting in order to produce your desired products!

We use modern technologies, our talent and our innovation. Thanks to this fact our products are solid, aesthetic, functional, safe and comfortable. 


We want to have your reliance!

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